VIDEO: Psychic Intuitive Jamila White Interview in Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine

I’m super excited to be featured in the current issue of Happiness + Wellbeing magazine, where I’m interviewed by my friend and client Brittney Hiller. In this fun 23-minute video, we dish about my pregnancy-predicting fish dreams, what happened that time a guy’s dead grandfather’s spirit showed up while we were on a date (!), weed-smoking guardian angels, and more. Check it out:

Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine January 2015 coverHappiness + Wellbeing is a very cool publication, and the January issue is 107 pages chock full of journey-affirming articles on mind-body-spirit issues. It’s a good read!

Also check out all the neat stuff Brittney the yogini is doing at


  1. As client of Jamilla’s for two years now, I truly say my life is all the better because of her beautiful gift! Her readings are enlightening and so empowering.
    Please give yourself the gift of a session with her. I promise you will not be disappointed!

  2. Theda Parks says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Have some gifts of my own, and everything you talked about.. the surprising humor Spirit can present, the insecurity of publicly accepting who you are and what you do, the focus of giving people back their power and reminding them that nothing is in concrete.. they can get up from the chair and do something to have a different result. That veil is very, very thin. I enjoyed this interview and I enjoyed you. Thanks. XOXO

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